Sense Earth’s Itineraries offer real experiences for big dreamers. Immerse yourself into nature and the environment.

We have a number of guided group trips departing this year and next. Do get in touch if you want further information about a specific trip and we can send you a detailed itinerary.

Sense Earth’s Itineraries have also created some contrasting bespoke experiences to inspire and spark your thoughts. These can be further adapted to compliment your hobbies and interests.

The team are here to listen to your ideas and dreams. We are always developing new ideas in response to queries, so let us know how you imagine your holiday to be.

We will move heaven and earth to make things possible.

Join the Sense Earth family.

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Sense Earth’s Itineraries

the world is your oyster with Sense Earth’s Itineraries

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine