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okaukuejo waterhole

Driving across Western Etosha

Driving through Western Etosha you can get away from the crowds and see elephants and a host of animals at waterholes dotted within the Park.

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Fish River Canyon Hike days 4&5

The last 2 days of the Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia prove to be very hard: Water runs low and we nearly get stampeded by horses.

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walking the fish river canyon

Fish River Canyon Hike – Day 3

The third day of the Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia proves to be the most spectacular. Jenny has lunch with pelicans and is bothered by a baboon.

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Fish River Hike – Day 2

The second day of Jenny’s experiences in the Fish River Canyon in Namibia features a rogue horse, mouse madness, and a very lost Vespa.

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Giraffe in Eswatini

Walking with Giraffes in Eswatini

Have you ever gone walking with giraffes? At the Mbuluzi game reserve in Eswatini, you don’t have to walk far to do just that.

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My Experiences Hiking the Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is the largest canyon in Africa. Hiking the canyon was the adventure of a lifetime. Here are my experiences.

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Tracking giraffes and collecting their poo

Tracking giraffes and collecting their poo is a unique experience.  Our project in Eswatini was to track giraffe and send their poo to the US.

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Conversing with Hyena in Botswana

Looking for inspiring and close up encounters with wildlife? There’s nothing quite like conversing with Hyena in Botswana.

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Walking in the Wild in India

There is nothing quite like being out in the wild in India. Smelling, hearing, and sensing nature is the highlight of any safari.

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The chaos of Food Shopping in an African Market

There is something wonderful about the chaos of shopping in an African market. Here are my experiences of the “Crazy Market” in Eswatini.

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Sensational sensory safari for the blind

Who said that a safari is just for seeing? It’s a little unusual, but a safari for the blind or visually impaired is a fantastic experience.

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What to do before you travel

Here are our top tips on what to do before you go to Africa – covering mobile phones, dealing with banks, sorting visas, and COVID-19 rules.

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