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The Benefits of a Self-Drive Holiday

When planning a trip, the transport can be overwhelming. A self-drive holiday offers a different perspective, there’s nothing quite like it!

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solo traveller in India

Why Should You Solo Travel?

You don’t need a partner or a group of friends to explore the world. Here are some reasons why you should consider solo travel.

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watching a bathing rhino

Ethical Travel

At Sense Earth, we want to leave the communities we visit better off in some way. For us, ethical travel is an integral part of your trip.

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Plan Your Finances for a Holiday

Saving for that dream trip can be challenging. Here are some things you can do to plan your finances for a holiday. Get the trip you deserve.

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Do Elephants Grieve?

Elephants are incredibly intelligent animals that are highly social and comparable to humans in many ways. But do elephants grieve?

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Mhlumeni High School – a project in Eswatini

Being part of a long-term project at Mhlumeni High School is a privilege. Sense Earth is committed to completing this worthwhile project.

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5 African Authors to Add to Your Reading List

Whether you’ve got your African holiday booked or not, the literary canon of African literature is vast and well worth reading into.

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Exploring the Power of a Wellness Safari

Discover the power of wellness on safari: Experience rejuvenating spa retreats while connecting to nature at these wellness safari lodges.

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Finding Flamingos in Kenya

Discover the beauty of flamingos in Kenya. Learn when & where to see these vibrant birds as well as the best lakes and lodges to visit.

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Big 5, little 5, ugly 5, shy 5 and impossible 5

Not just the Big 5, did you know that there is a Little 5, Ugly 5, Shy 5 and Impossible 5? Find out where you have the best chance to see them.

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Discover Kenya’s Hidden Gem: Lamu Island

Discover the stunning island of Lamu, and immerse yourself in Swahili culture, breathtaking scenery, and a wide range of activities.

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Friendly Roan Antelope in Eswatini

Sometimes wildlife can simply get much closer than expected, like this friendly roan antelope in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Eswatini, Africa.

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My first trip to Africa has been a truly wonderful experience, thanks for your amazing local knowledge.

Suzie Delaney

The meticulous planning and organisation gently guided us to places well worth visiting. It ultimately fulfilled our wish for a great relaxing holiday.

Brian O’Boyle

During our journeys your infectious enthusiasm, and specialist knowledge illustrated Sense Africa is pertinently named as our senses are still buzzing from our experiences.

Dave Thomas