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potjie pot

How to Cook South African Potjiekos

Why not try our delicious recipe for making the South African stew meat dish, potjiekos? It’s tasty, nutritious and simple to prepare!

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dune scenery in Namibia

Unexpected Life in the Namibian Desert

A trip into the Namibian desert is a must. Instead of looking for larger wildlife, take a look at the sand, and you may see unexpected life.

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The honey badger and my steak

The best place to see a honey badger is in Etosha! They are very interested in what you eat, so be be careful when camping!

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Mhlumeni committee

Eswatini after Covid – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It was the first time I’d been in Eswatini after Covid. It had been 25 months. I knew there would be change, but was it good, bad or ugly?

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cape cross seals

Seal Safari In Namibia

When visiting Namibia you never expect to go on a seal safari! However the seal colony at Cape Cross should not be missed, despite the smell!

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Ramadan meal

Let’s Talk About Ramadan

Confused about Ramadan? Raheema guides us through the food and the festivities and talks about what celebrating Ramadan means to her.

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chimpanzee watching in Uganda

Walking with Chimpanzees in Uganda

I was really excited to have the opportunity to track chimpanzees in the wild. An hour with chimps in Kibale, Uganda, was life changing.

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skeletons on skeleton coast

Driving the Skeleton Coast to Shipwreck Lodge

My memorable journey takes in the north section of the Skeleton coast, from Torra Bay to Shipwreck Lodge. It’s a fascinating place to visit.

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young gorilla with silverback

My Experiences Tracking Gorillas in Uganda

I’ve had the privilege of tracking gorillas in Uganda. Seeing them in the wild is a treasured experience and one that I will never forget.

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driving across etosha

Driving across Western Etosha, Namibia

Driving across Western Etosha in Namibia is a fantastic way to get away from crowds, see elephants and experience nature.

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Fish River Canyon Hike days 4&5

The last 2 days of the Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia prove to be very hard: Water runs low and we nearly get stampeded by horses.

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walking the fish river canyon

Fish River Canyon Hike – Day 3

The third day of the Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia proves to be the most spectacular. Jenny has lunch with pelicans and is bothered by a baboon.

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