Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries

Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries offer the ultimate wildlife destination. A blend of unique habitats and incredible wildlife viewing opportunities with innate and stylish accommodation.

It’s varied ecosystems showcase spectacular untamed wilderness forming some of the best and exclusive wildlife reserves on our earth.

Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries – 5 Highlights

Safari in Moremi

Moremi is one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa. Here, land blends into delta to create a picturesque fusion of floodplains, lagoons, grasslands and mopane forests. Above all, Moremi has spectacular ‘Big Five’ game viewing. Along with opportunities to see elephants, lion, hyena, rhino, leopard, you can spot a host of antelope. There are also many smaller mammals and over 400 species of birds, many migratory and some endangered.

Camping with elephant & Hyena

Mekoro in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a myriad of meandering papyrus filled waterways and palm-fringed islands where herds of elephants come to drink. Explore the delta by dugout canoe, gently propelled through this magical wonderland by your own knowledgeable guide. As the water ripples past you and the hippos chomp through the undergrowth, let time slow down in this serene environment.

Fishing in the Okavango

A Chobe River Safari

A Chobe River Safari has to be one of the most impressive game viewing experiences in Africa. Watch hippos and crocodiles jostling for a riverside spots and elephant swimming with their trunks held high as snorkels. Birdlife is bountiful; pied kingfishers suspended in the air, fish eagles calling plaintively and herons pirouetting through the water. Alternatively you can spend a few days on a houseboat where you are on one continual safari requiring hardly any movement from yourself.

Chobe river safari

Star Gazing on the Salt Pans

Botswana’s stark salt pans appear to stretch to eternity, meeting and fusing with the milky-blue horizon. The pans are one of the best places to star gaze – pin pricks of light in a rich dark-blue velvet backdrop. With practically nil light pollution the stars are accentuated into unbelievable proportions and the resulting spectacle is out of this world.

Quad biking on Makgadikgadi Pan

A Flight over the Delta

See the Okavango Delta from the heavens; dusty ochre coloured islands dotted throughout this aquamarine world. Soar above herds of elephants as they amble along well-trodden trails and spy herds of antelope dashing through the water leaving spray sparkling behind them. You can truly experience the vastness of the Okavango and the extent of where the ‘wild things roam.’

Ways to see the Okavango

Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries – About the Destination

  • Capital: Gabarone
  • Area: 581,730 km²
  • Languages: English and Tswana
  • Where to visit: Chobe, Okavango, Kalahari.
  • Wildlife to spot: elephant, leopard, wild dog & pels fishing owl.

Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries offer big game country and a wildlife viewer’s paradise. Experience the peace and tranquility of the Okavango Delta, the adrenalin rush of watching prides of lion in Moremi, the wonderful wide open spaces of the Kalahari and the unrivalled elephant herds of Chobe. A visual stimulation.

Botswana Travel Tips and Itineraries offer safari experience that cater for the more discerning guest. Stay in the depths of the African bush and away from tourism hotspots. It has an air of exclusivity, highlighted by the likelihood of extraordinary and unique wildlife sightings in secluded locations.

For the more adventurous, we recommend a mobile camping. This is a truly memorable way to travel and explore the remote African bush – luxury or hands-on: it’s your choice.

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