Hidden Gems in Mozambique

Encounter Mozambique which offers pristine palm-fringed beaches and azure waters full of vibrant fish, Mozambique perfectly complements any safari. It is the ultimate ‘barefoot luxury’. Stay in eco-sensitive and intimate lodges on secluded tropical islands, away from the trappings of everyday life. It’s a coastal paradise and still a relatively undiscovered destination.

5 Highlights – Encounter Mozambique

Island escapism

Mozambique’s coastline is extraordinary, a coconut-laden, palm tree paradise fringing aqua-marine sea. It has two stunning island groups, the Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos. Here there are pristine and picturesque beaches that are beyond your dreams. The luxurious accommodation is designed to be in harmony with the environment allowing the natural surroundings to shine. Be it rustic or romantic, there is an island paradise waiting for you.

Snorkelling & diving

Mozambique has some of the world’s premier snorkelling and dive spots where multi-coloured marine life swim past stunning coral reefs. Here you can see thousands of tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins and even the elusive dugong, either from the surface or from underneath. Immerse yourself into the cerulean sea and marvel at this natural extravaganza.

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Dhow journey

Set sail on a clear sunny day, with the occasional bird in the sky, and travel in a hand-crafted boat that that harks back to an earlier era. Find peace and tranquillity on a dhow safari as life slows to a gentle undulating pace. On your journey combining adventure, history and culture; enjoy romantic beach picnics, island-hopping, fishing, snorkelling, and swimming with dolphins. Explore uninhabited islands and sand bars for a shipwrecked feeling and end the days tranquil sailing with a drink on the deck.

Remote safari

Safari in Mozambique reserves are remote and probably one of Africa’s last remaining truly wild places. There are two of note – Niassa Reserve and Gorongosa National Park. Niassa is twice the size of the Kruger Park, with a fraction the numbers of visitors. So the reserve is perfect for adventure safaris that appreciate getting off the beaten track. And Gorongosa National Park which could be considered the Eden of Africa, where the pristine environment is a haven for animals and bird.

Seafood delight

Prawns are Mozambique’s most iconic dish often marinaded in piri-piri sauce (Mozambique’s most famous export). The plentiful coastline is the inspiration for its cuisine and seafood features prominently on menus all over the country. Dine on fish, calamari and octopus, along with barbecued chicken, coconut, cassava and cashews. This excellent selection of food can be washed down with Mozambican beers 2M and Laurentina, and your taste buds will be delighted. Portuguese influences are noticeable in many dishes, including paõ, a Portuguese-style bread roll ideally bought fresh from the early morning markets.

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Hidden Gems – Encounter Mozambique

  • Capital: Maputo
  • Area: 801,590 km²
  • Languages: Portuguese and Makhuwa
  • Where to visit: Bazaruto Archipelago and any beach along the coast.
  • Wildlife to spot: dolphins, whales, lions, and a host of tropical fish.

This eclectic country is an idyllic remote getaway and is superb for its water sport activities, in particular its diving. What it is not well-known for are its secluded big game safaris, perfect for the more adventurous traveller who want exclusive wildlife viewing.

Snorkel with dolphins, sea turtles and whale sharks or take a dhow and sail elegantly across the Indian Ocean the Hidden Gems in Mozambique offer much to many.

Mozambique has been strongly influenced by Arab and Portuguese cultures. It has a rich history resulting in unique architecture, wander along cobbled streets amongst antiquated sights such as mosques, churches, forts and monuments. And to top it all off its mouth-watering cuisine blends sensational spices with scrumptious seafood.

Have your own Robinson Crusoe experience with the Hidden Gems in Mozambique.

Be rejuvenated. Be revived.

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