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A close up of African elephant

Transporting Elephants in Zimbabwe

In 1992 the largest elephant ever translocated happened in the Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe – it was memorable in more ways than one!

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Chased by an Ostrich in Eswatini

I was chased by a bird! Admittedly it was a big bird, but being chased by an Ostrich does not do much for your bush credibility.

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Patience needed with public transport in Africa!

Patience and public transport in Africa will never go together, well not in my lifetime anyway. Ordinarily a 3-hour journey, took over 7hrs.

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walking with rhino in Eswatini

Walking with rhino – too close for comfort

“Anyone need a change of underwear?” It has been a heart stopping, nerve wracking and exhilarating moment. How close had those rhino been?

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A buffalo standing in the grass

Tracking buffalo in Zimbabwe – too close for comfort

I put a tree between myself and the buffalo I was tracking, it was a thin tree, but still a tree, what ever the size, it was better than none.

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Diver swimming above a whale shark

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mozambique

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mozambique has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences. If you get the chance, don’t let it swim by.

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Nyala in South Africa

Game Capture in South Africa

Working for a South African game capture keeps you on your toes; I was feeding rhinos, picking ticks off my overalls and rugby tackling antelope.

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Indian spices in Jodhpur market

What Is It About A Curry? A guide to Indian Cuisine

When I talk about my travels in India, I am always asked about the food. Indian cuisine is as rich in variety as the country itself.

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Yellow Taxi in India

An Expert’s Guide to Travelling in India

Travelling in India is always an experience. India’s vast and sometimes chaotic travel infrastructure means getting around is always entertaining.

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Walking safaris in India

Taking an Indian walking safari is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the natural world and experience India’s environment and people.

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What Can I Eat in Africa?

The great thing about Africa is there’s so much on the menu. It caters for vegetarians, carnivores, fruitivores and those with healthy diets.

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Packing for India – what to take

When packing for a holiday to India, less is definitely more. Most things you need can be bought there, don’t worry if you forget some items.

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My first trip to Africa has been a truly wonderful experience, thanks for your amazing local knowledge.

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