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Travel Blogs Across Africa and India

Lamu Island sailing boat

Discover Kenya’s Hidden Gem: Lamu Island

Discover the stunning island of Lamu, and immerse yourself in Swahili culture, breathtaking scenery, and a wide range of activities.

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Friendly Roan Antelope in Eswatini

Friendly Roan Antelope in Eswatini

Sometimes wildlife can simply get much closer than expected, like this friendly roan antelope in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Eswatini, Africa.

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Wildebeest Migration Crossing the River

The Spectacular Great Wildebeest Migration

Experience the amazing natural wonder of the Great Wildebeest Migration. Find out when and where to witness this incredible phenomenon.

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Vast Namib Desert in Namibia

Walking in the Namib Desert

Walking solo in the Namib Desert. “Have you got water with you?” “Yes” I replied. “OK.” I smiled. I waited for a briefing for my hike.

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Lewa Safari Camp, Game Drive

Lewa Conservancy: Haven for Wildlife Conservation

A wildlife sanctuary in Kenya with a mission to conserve and protect wildlife and their habitat through community-based initiatives.

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elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Elephant Rescuers – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Read all about how the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the world’s most successful orphaned elephant rescue, rehabilitation and release program.

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travel using a tour operator

6 Reasons to Use a Tour Operator

We are journeying into unchartered territory since COVID, travel is a bit trickier. Here are 6 reasons why you should use a reputable tour operator.

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slow loris looking

The Remarkable Slow Loris

The slow loris is one of 10 smallest primates in the world. They are the only venomous primate in the world. Learn more about this creature.

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Tradition in Eswatini

5 Fascinating Facts About Eswatini

I’ve travelled to Eswatini many times. These things might be useful for those planning to visit the eclectic and wonderfully friendly Kingdom.

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Road scenery in Namibia

My 5 favourite things about Namibia

I have spent a lot of time in Namibia, I always look forward to my next visit. Here are the five favourite things about this inspiring country.

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Zip wire on expedition in Eswatini

Climbing the Tree Tops of Malolotja

Students from Abbey Gate College have been working hard building a school in Mlindzini. In this blog, they go on a tree top tour of Malolotja.

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Mbuluzi River

Egirls: Ziplines, Safaris, and Pizza

The “Egirls” have been working hard volunteering in Eswatini. In this blog, they meet elephants, go ziplining, and work at a game reserve.

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