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Experience Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’, where experiences range from tracking gorillas and chimpanzees, to visiting hippo-filled rivers and marvelling at tree climbing lions. The land is topographically varied with an extremely diverse range of wildlife, activities and experiences.

experience Uganda – 5 Highlights

Track Mountain Gorillas

Seeing gorillas in the wild is a treasured experience and it is often a once in a lifetime goal. These encounters with the world’s largest primates are carefully managed, with expert trackers and guides leading small groups into gorilla territory. Be prepared to hike through dense forest to find your allocated gorilla family, with steep climbs and declines. You are allowed to spend a maximum of an hour with them.

Experience tracking gorillas

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is diverse; from the world’s most powerful waterfall to the slow eddies of Lake Albert and mahogany forests with elegant trees piercing the sky to sweeping plains that is quintessentially Africa, Uganda’s largest wildlife reserve is well worth a visit. The falls can be viewed from the top by foot and the bottom by boat whilst 4 of the Big 5 roam the savannah in search of food and water. Whichever way you look, you will be assured of a great view and maybe a memorable wildlife moment too.

Tracking Chimpanzees

There are several places to see chimpanzees in the wild in Uganda, one of the best places is Kibale National Park. Wherever you decide to go, the interaction with the chimpanzees is done in a sensitive and caring manner, respecting these animals. This is an active experience where the chimps move around you, carrying on with their daily lives and you can see fights and squabbles start and finish, groups split and reform, youngsters playing and older chimps grooming. It really is a memorable walk!

Seeing chimpanzees in the wild

Visit Coffee and Tea Plantations

Coffee is Uganda’s top-earning export crop and it is the 2nd largest coffee producer in Africa. On travels around the country, you will see coffee production on small plots intercropped with banana (Matoke) and other food crops. Similarly, tea plantations can be seen clinging onto the mountain sides, and sprawling along valleys, creating a patchwork of vibrant crops. Uganda produces three major types of tea: green tea, oolong and black tea.

Visiting one of these cooperatives is insightful where you learn about production from plant to cup.

Birding in Uganda

If you are a keen birder then go no further than Uganda. The topographical range as well as the flora encourages the birdlife; Uganda boasts 1090 confirmed species of which one is endemic and three have been introduced by humans. One of the most bizarre birds is the Shoebill, a prehistoric, solitary bird inhabiting marshlands which can be quite hard to find. Then there is the very colourful Shelley’s crimsonwing, the majestic Great blue turaco, often seen gliding between fruiting trees and a host of vibrant birds such as bee-eaters.

Whatever you see, it will be colourful and mesmerizing.

About Uganda

  • Capital: Kampala
  • Area: 241,037 km²
  • Languages: English and Swahili
  • Where to visit: Murchison Falls, Bwindi Forest National Park, the equator
  • Wildlife to spot: gorillas, a host of other primates, tree-climbing lion, shoebill.

Uganda is known for its mountain gorilla populations, for many, tracking these magnificent beasts is a goal of a lifetime. The country also has many opportunities to walk with and see chimpanzees, red tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey and olive baboons.

This is the country of primate utopia with memorable personal experiences.

Yet Uganda has so much more to offer; Murchison Falls, Africa’s most powerful waterfall, Big 5 sightings, tea and coffee plantations, abundant birdlife, serene lakes and vast open plains teeming with wildlife. The country has a bit of everything yet it does not attract as many visitors as its neighbours Kenya and Tanzania.

Explore the numerous parks, each with their own unique flagship species or activity; particpate in safaris, horse riding excursions, boat trips, coffee making mornings and homestays.

Uganda is an eclectic mix of adventure, culture and wildlife sightings, experience something inspiring every day.

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