Discover Kenya

Discover Kenya with a safari that offers you an incredible array of adventures from the white sand beaches of Diani and Lamu to the top of the snow-capped mountain of Mt Kenya.

Watch the incredible African wildlife from safari trucks, on foot, horseback, camels, hot-air balloon, helicopter, bi-plane or bike.

Discover Kenya – 5 Highlights

The Great Migration

The great migration has no start or end, it’s a continually moving circular migration with millions of animals, mostly wildebeest and zebra searching for fresh grass and water.

The drama is at its highest as they cross over from Tanzania into Kenya risking their lives as they leap across the crocodile infested rivers with big cats, hyena’s and wild dog waiting on the banks to hunt the young and injured as they cross. A hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the migration is a moment you’ll never forget.

the great wildebeest migration

Lamu Island

The magical island of Lamu is a hidden gem and is often over-looked. A visit here whisks you back in time from the moment you step onto your boat transfer. Watch wooden dhow boats sail past and donkeys wander along the beaches. Being one large sand dune there are no cars although motorbikes have recently come to the island. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its wealth of historic buildings, blend of culture, old forts and elegant rooftop cafes.

Lamu is a wonderful quiet and peaceful part of the world with a cool cultural mix. A day here can feel like a week.

Discover Kenya’s Hidden gem

Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage

The world’s most successful elephant rescue, rehabilitation and release program offers a safe haven for the victims of poaching as well as natural disasters such as draught and floods. The nursery is on the outskirts of Nairobi and guests can watch the little ones every day at 11am. See the calves come in from their morning walk, drink their milk out of elephant baby bottles and play in mud holes whilst rangers tell you all about them. Not only is it an amazing place to visit but you are also supporting a very worthy cause.

the elephant rescuers

Flamingo Filled Soda Lakes

Approximately 2 million flamingos gather between Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria and Lake Elementaita, the soda lakes of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. There are two main species found in these areas, the lesser and greater flamingos who feed off the abundance of algae that make these lakes their home. When these enormous flocks take to the skies, they look like a huge pink cloud and appropriately a group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”. The best way to see this incredible display is by a low flying flight or helicopter ride over these vibrant lakes.

Visit a Maasai Cultural Boma

This incredible and fascinating tribe is one of the most iconic in Africa. They retain many of their nomadic traditions and a way of life mostly untouched by modern civilisation. Visit one of their villages, in a sensitive manner, and gain a glimpse into this unique way of life. Learn how women build their huts, watch the Morans sing and dance to a traditional warrior song and join the elders to play a local board game.

This is an experience as mesmerising as a safari. The Maasai are a proud tribe who love to show off their culture and lifestyle, it is as important to the Kenyan land as is the wildlife.

About Kenya

  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Area: 582,646 km²
  • Languages: English and Swahili are the official languages but there are also 60+ tribal languages
  • Where to visit: Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lewa and Lamu Island
  • Wildlife to spot: Wildebeest migration, over 1,000 bird species, grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and whale sharks.

Kenya is at the top of every wildlife enthusiast’s bucket list and it’s not hard to see why. Visit the wildlife rich rolling plains from your favourite African wildlife documentaries and safari epics such as Out of Africa. Discover Kenya and the vast array it has to offer.

Discover Kenya, when in the south you can admire the great elephant herds of Amboseli National Park walking with the backdrop of the even greater Mt Kilimanjaro.

Glide above the incredible Great Migration by hot air balloon in the Masai Mara National Park with a champagne breakfast to top it off and enjoy gourmet bush dining under a blanket of stars while lions call in the distance the fire crackles.

Unspoilt, palm fringed, white sand beaches line the east coast of the country where life goes at a much slower pace.

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When to go to Discover KENYA

Being on the equator, Kenya doesn’t differ much throughout the year on temperature and daylight hours. However the rainy seasons can really dampen a safari experience, so unless you are looking for the cheapest rates we recommend not travelling in the months of April, May and November.

Peak season is during the wildebeest migration which also falls inside the English summer holidays so although an incredible sight to see it does draw the crowds, so if you are looking to get away from it all the Masai Mara National Park is not recommended in July and August.