Responsible travel

Sense Earth encourages guests to be responsible tourists, travelling with respect and sensitivity to the local environment.

Sense Earth uses local tour guides, making sure your money stays in the destination. Simply by travelling with Sense Earth you are supporting the destination you visit. We do our best to use accommodation and other services which provide assistance to local community initiatives or support local conservation projects. In our minds, responsible travel is an intricate part of your holiday.


We want to leave the communities we visit better off in some way, having positively contributed toward conservation efforts, increased awareness and appreciation of culture and shared fun learning experiences. To do this we need your help.

We have to remember that we are guests and must at all times act with consideration for the local people. Water is a scarcity so be aware of your water usage; take shorter showers and don’t leave the tap running whilst cleaning your teeth.

Use biodegradable products such as shampoo and soap – be sensitive to the environmental impact that other less caring products cause.

Switch off lights and reduce electricity output to a minimum.

Don’t leave any litter, it destroys the fragile ecosystem and has a negative effect on tourism. Appropriate ways for removing litter will be provided, or simply put it in your bag and dispose of it at your accommodation. Litter also includes cigarette butts which are poisonous to the wildlife and, if still lit, can have catastrophic consequences.

You’ll be able to obtain incredible photographs. Please don’t ask guides to get closer to animals for that ultimate photo. Savour the experience and respect the wildlife.

We have an impact wherever we go and whatever we do. Let’s make it a positive one.


Ask before taking photographs of local people. If you have a digital camera,  please show them your pictures. Not only is this polite, but it also can break the ice and encourage conversation.

Please buy handicrafts and souvenirs from local stalls rather than imported souvenirs from neighbouring countries. In doing so you are directly supporting the local communities and encouraging local initiatives which are reliant on tourism.

Please don’t buy souvenirs made from endangered species such as ivory and ebony.

traditional healers in Eswatini


Learn a few words of the local language. It shows respect for the culture and helps you to integrate into the local community.

Respect local customs, wear appropriate clothing and behave in an appropriate manner. Sense Earth can organise for you to donate to a local school or community. There are certain ways to give gifts in an appropriate and fair manner. We will advise you on how to do this.

Importantly, don’t give sweets to children as this encourages begging and it isn’t a healthy option.

Jenny was very friendly and efficient. She had a deep and extensive knowledge of the sights, people and traditions. I felt she was more a friend then just a guide, very keen on sharing her knowledge and intent on the group having the very best experiences.

Bindu Pather

I can honestly say that I think about some aspect of our trip every day. Thank you very much for organising a wonderful trip for us all.

Bernie Gleave

A thoroughly enjoyable, personalised experience that allowed us to soak up the culture, the variety of landscapes and the sheer, natural beauty of the flora and fauna.

Terry and Vicky Andrews