Tailor-made holidays

What is your dream holiday?

There are infinite ways to explore the earth. How you do it is up to you.

If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, let us know your inspiration. And we can create a holiday to rival all others.

Whether it is beekeeping or birdwatching, walking or rhino watching, we can personalise your wildlife holiday to make it completely unique and tailor-made for you.

Everyone has a different idea about their own holiday. We are here to listen, understand and design your personal itinerary so you can get the most out of your exploration.

Whatever your dream holiday is, together we can make it come true.

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If you are looking for a bespoke holiday of a lifetime, let us know your vision. We can then create your ideal holiday, merging your journey with customised experiences and stylish accommodation.


Self-drive holiday

A self-drive holiday is a liberating approach to travel. The destinations we recommend for self-drives encourage independent travellers; they are safe, friendly and have easy road systems to navigate.

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Family holiday

A family holiday is a wonderful way to spend quality time with all your loved ones. Share educational experiences and activities, designed for all ages, whilst immersed with wildlife and nature.

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walking holiday

Walking holiday

Walking holidays are a wonderful way to explore your surroundings and to see wildlife from a different perspective. Take time to look at things that you might have missed whilst in a vehicle.

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black rhino safari

Big 5 safari

There is something special about seeing Big Game, especially the Big Five: the regal lion, the svelte like leopard, the gentle elephant, the armoured rhino and the unpredictable cape buffalo.

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birding holidays

Specialist holiday

We know that incorporating your hobby and interests into a special interest holiday makes it much more memorable. Let us know if it is the sole focus of your holiday or an intricate feature of your trip.

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We recommend looking at our suggested itineraries. Maybe there is something there that really appeals that we can add to your holiday?

Need some specific help?

For some, this choice can be overwhelming, for others pretty straight forward. Either way, we are here to help.

We have 10 questions for you, to give you focus and to be creative.

This information helps to make sure your holiday is exactly what you want it to be. Let us know your aspirations and your passion. We might suggest something you’d not even considered.

1 Where do you want to go?
If you have a destination in mind, then let us know. If you don’t, do not worry.

Other information will prompt ideas and suggestions.

2 When do you want to go?
Let us know your intended holiday dates, they can be specific or within a range.

If you have completely flexible dates, let us know that too. Specific wildlife sightings and weather patterns can vary throughout the year and we will advise you about this.

3 How long do you want to go for?
The number of days helps us enormously. Even a rough idea like 10 – 14 days is very helpful.
4 Are you travelling with anyone else?
Please let us know your travelling companions.
5 What type of accommodation would you like to stay in?
Our accommodation ranges from simply stylish to purely indulgent, it is across the spectrum.

Do you want to camp and be adventurous, self-cater in unique locations, stay in delightfully serene lodges or experience exclusivity in remote wilderness? It can be any combination on earth.

6 What are your interests and hobbies?
Is there anything in particular you want to see or do? We endeavour to incorporate your interests into your holiday, thus enriching your experience.
7 Is it a special occasion?
Is it a birthday, wedding anniversary or an important occasion? Let us know and we can ensure you celebrate in style and make your particular event extra special.
8 How do you want to travel?
Do you want a personal guide for your holiday, or use a guide from the lodges you stay in? Or do you want the freedom of a self-drive, maybe with guides along the way?

We may suggest guides at certain locations so you can get the most out of your exploration.

9 What is your budget?
Please let us know your budget, even if it is a rough idea, so we can customise your holiday accordingly. We pride ourselves in creating itineraries within the realms of your expectations.
10 Is there anything else?
We can add bespoke extras that you may not have even considered. Do let us know if there is anything else you would like to be part of your holiday.
Be creative, dream big! Let’s get started.

Join the Sense Earth family.